I challenge anyone to find a more intuitive,sympathetic and professional therapist than Sue Carberry. I have had dozens of such treatments all over the world, and none of these have come even close to the magic of her hands at work.She instinctively knows ‘Where’ and ‘How Hard’. A genius at work…

Patrick, Company Director, London

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks. Your massage was a great way to end a long tough week. I am glad you didn’t mind coming out so late. It was a real pleasure and the highlight of my week. I hope to see on my next return

Jeff, Audit and Risk Reviewer (USA)

Sue is a very straightforward sort of an individual, who says what she feels, and says what she means, and from her clients’ point of view, gives truthful, relevant and pertinent advice on their problems or concerns & conditions

Darshak, Pharmacist

I have just 2 words to describe Sue – “MAGIC HANDS”.

Terry, Song writer/Producer

I didn’t realise how stressed my whole body was until Sue’s massage slowly unknotted the tension and spread healing energy throughout my whole system.. wonderful!

Sue, Publishing Editor

She’s strong, but gentle where she needs to be and she can also work acupressure points with accuracy, or do classic Swedish style, and almost anything in between, or even a combination! …..And I love her own delicious mixes of aromatherapy oils, too! I recommend Sue without hesitation. She loves her work, knows what she’s talking about and takes real care of her clients.

Diane, Health Clinic MD

Whenever I see Sue I immediately feel relaxed and at ease, and that’s even before the massage!

Zoe, Record Company Executive

Sue was really superb throughout my pregnancy, and knew exactly what to do – in fact it’s the kindest massage she’s ever given me! I enjoy our chats about homeopathy and exercise and the body in general. She has a dedicated client in me.

Barbara, Interior Designer and Nightclub Co-Owner

She is an excellent masseuse and, as someone who has had massage in many different parts of the world, I feel well qualified to comment. I have no issues in recommending her to any prospective client.

David, Financial Director

It is a hard task to find someone who not only gives you the overall treatment that you have spent many years looking for but who has an “energy” that is now for me a vital part of the treatment. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and would definitely take her on a desert island with me as my only luxury.

Lulu, PR and Marketing Director


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