Natural Health and Wellbeing, September 2004

What's the alternative?
Integrated Bodywork ®. combination of Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing and Chinese Massage is the perfect all-rounder, says Emma Van Hinsbergh. What is it? This therapy claims to focus on your entire being by combining three powerful techniques: Aromatherapy, reiki and Tui Na - a vigorous type of traditional Chinese massage.

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Fabric Magazine, February 2005

ALTERNATIVELY; Fabric's guide to complementary treatments. Sue Carberry, Integrated Bodywork ®.
By Steven Short If a good masseuse knows exactly how hard to go without making you scream 'STOP, I CAN'T BEAR IT!', Sue Carberry is an excellent masseuse.

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Spirit and Destiny Magazine, June 2005

First Person - Body of Evidence 
Can a combination of psychic healing and intense tui na massage cure depression? 
Emma Simkins braved the bruises to find out. When I split up with my boyfriend 24 hours after being made redundant, life seemed pretty bleak. It looked like my raging and crying...

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No Ordinary Massage: An interview with Sue Carberry, a therapist with many strings to her bow. Sue Carberry's brainchild, 'Integrated Bodywork ®', is a holistic massage combining the ancient practices of Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing and Tui Na, a vigorous type of traditional Chinese massage, with the focus on healing your...

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An Interview With… Sue Carberry Please tell us a few words about yourself, your life and interests and about your work. SC: I’m a native Australian but, was granted British Citizenship and passport in 2003. London has been very good to me during the 16yrs I’ve lived here, after...

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