www.beingwell-directory.co.uk, March 2006

No Ordinary Massage: An interview with Sue Carberry, a therapist with many strings to her bow.

Sue Carberry’s brainchild, ‘Integrated Bodywork ®’, is a holistic massage combining the ancient practices of Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing and Tui Na, a vigorous type of traditional Chinese massage, with the focus on healing your ‘entire being’.

A trained counsellor, Sue also incorporates psychotherapy into the treatment by talking to the client to discuss any emotional problems before she gets to work on the massage.

The idea behind it, says Sue, is “to integrate all my experience and skills and tailor it to the needs of the individual client.”

Well, skills and experience she has in spades. Sue first became interested in complementary health in her native Australia, where she completed Reiki 1 in 1987. Then, following the death of her mother in 1994, when she came into some money, she trained with the Tisserand Institute, and made the transition into a full-time Aromatherapist.

Ever the optimist, she insists: “That was a great gift my mother gave to me; the chance to do what I’ve always wanted.”