Spirit and Destiny Magazine, June 2005

First Person – Body of Evidence
Can a combination of psychic healing and intense tui na massage cure depression? 
Emma Simkins braved the bruises to find out.

When I split up with my boyfriend 24 hours after being made redundant, life seemed pretty bleak. It looked like my raging and crying on friends’ shoulders would never end until I heard about Sue Carberry’s Integrated Bodywork ®. Sue is a healer, reiki master and astrologer whose approach to alternative healing combines aromatherapy, reiki and a Far Eastern massage system called tui na (pronounced twee nah). Integrated Bodywork ® sounded just the physical and emotional pick-me-up I needed. A week later, I’m apprehensive when I arrive at the Langham Studio in London, but over a glass of pre-treatment water in her serene studio, Sue puts me at ease. This consultation is a prelude to the treatment, she explains, to help her understand why I’m here