Natural Health and Wellbeing, September 2004

What’s the alternative?
Integrated Bodywork ®. combination of Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing and Chinese Massage is the perfect all-rounder, says Emma Van Hinsbergh.

What is it?

This therapy claims to focus on your entire being by combining three powerful techniques: Aromatherapy, reiki and Tui Na – a vigorous type of traditional Chinese massage.

What happens?

My treatment started with a personal consultation with Sue Carberry, a qualified reiki practitioner and Aromatherapist who discovered the incredible benefits of Tui Na during a trip to China.

An experienced healer, she exudes a great deal of warmth and awareness, much of it developed through inner work she has undertaken on herself. You really feel you can sit down and have a constructive chat about absolutely anything – in our case zodiac signs, holiday plans and family history. She’s such a wise soul that I could have quite happily sat and nattered away for hours (It comes as no surprise to learn that she is also what you might call a “white witch” and fashions wands and staffs for Wiccan ceremonies). However, that’s not I was there for and soon it was down to the business of my scheduled treatment.