Benefits of Organic Products

Benefits of Organic Products

Benefits of Organic Products

For the past few years, more and more people are turning towards organic products. They have been raving about the amazing benefits of these products, but the question remains – why are organic products superior? What are the benefits of having an organic diet?

Well, we are here to answer all those questions today. Here are a few benefits of organic products and why organic diet is beneficial for you.

1.        No Harmful Chemicals

The food that you eat regularly is filled with chemicals. Even if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the pesticides used to keep the insects away can be very harmful to your health.

That is not the case with organic products. The pesticides and fertilizers used in organic products are free from all the chemicals that can harm your bodies as they are synthetic.

A research published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that organic products are better because the levels of pesticides in them are less as compared to other products.

2.        More Antioxidants

According to research, organic products have higher levels of antioxidants in them and help protect your body’s cells from damage.

And that’s not all; organic products are also great for your growth, immune system, and reproduction.

3.        Say Yes to Healthy Fats

Your body needs healthy fats to function properly. And when it comes to healthy fats, research suggests that organic products are better than the normal ones you have been using.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition proves that organic milk contains a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids. The levels of iron and vitamin E were also found in abundance in organic milk.

Just like milk, organic meat is known to have 47% more omega-3 fatty acids than the other kind.

Omega -3 is very important for your body as it helps improve your immune function, boosts neurological function and development, and also decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Why Switch to Organic?

All these studies show that organic products are better for your health than non-organic kind. Evidence suggests that consuming organic products can help battle certain cancers, obesity, childhood allergies, and pre-eclampsia in women who are pregnant.

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of organic products, are you ready to switch to the organic diet? It could be a little pricey, but you can’t put a price tag on your health.


Sue is a great believer in Organic food and using as many natural products as possible. Sue is the founder of Intergrated Bodyworks and you can contact here