The Benefits of Epsom Salts

Not to be confused with natural, traditional table salt, Epsom salt is not actually a sodium based salt but rather a compound of minerals sulphate and magnesium. Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate salts have a history of being used as natural remedies for human and plant ailments.

While a necessary combination of minerals for human’s to have in their bodies, owing to a number of different reasons, there has been a serious decline in Magnesium sulphate levels in humans for the past few decades. As such, it’s highly recommended that Epsom salts be a regular part of your everyday household.

Here are a few benefits of Epsom salts:

Blood Sugar Regulation

You wouldn’t think of it, but an imbalance of magnesium and sulphate salts in our body directly affects our body’s insulin levels – the hormone that is responsible for regulating our blood sugar levels. Magnesium and sulphate both help improve insulin production thereby reducing the risk of Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

Muscular and Joint Pain Relief

Epsom salts are highly effective at giving sore and cramping muscles much-needed relief. They reduce inflammation, relieve tension and soothe the pain in muscles and joints collectively. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from gout. Just soak your tired body in an Epsom salt bath and let your aches and pains vanish away.


Epsom salts are not only readily dissolved in warm water; they’re also easily absorbed by the body, soaking through our skin where they immediately have a soothing effect. Our body coils up with tension and stress when the adrenaline levels are elevated. When directly soaked into the body, magnesium sulphate salts break down into magnesium ions which immediately have an effect on the serotonin levels, increasing them considerably. This counteracts that adrenaline effects relieving the stresses and making people feel better.

Aid’s in Splinter Removal

Splinters are the bane of our life. We’ve all suffered from them at one point or another. The pesky little slivers of wood that absolutely refuse to come out of our skin. This usually happens because of injury as the skin becomes inflamed around the area. This makes it extremely difficult to properly remove the splinter – leaving you with an aching finger, or toe. You can actually easily remove the splinter just by soaking the affected area into a readily prepared Epsom salt bath. The salts will diffuse the inflammation; make the skin and splinter softer, allowing you to easily remove the splinter.

To Improve Skin and Hair Health

Not only does Epsom salts have physiological health benefits, they also have aesthetic or cosmetic health benefits as well. Epsom salts are fantastic Exfoliators which remove dead cells, blackheads, dirt and debris from your skin, giving it a healthier appearance. What’s more, they’re also fantastic at removing the remnants of the various styling products in the hair that make it eventually look lifeless and greasy.  Using Epsom salts in combination with an organic shampoo does wonders to restore the lustre, and volume of the hair.

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