The health benefits of growing your own food and vegetables

The health benefits of growing your own food and vegetables

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When it’s about gardening or being a novice gardener, we face some challenges at first, which drive us away from this extremely beneficial custom.

Do you know that the earliest gardens were highly practical and were only used to grow medicinal herbs and food? However, the concept of decorative gardens started from the Egyptian era.

Holding onto earlier days, growing your own food and vegetables; first inspire us to take some interest in the origin of our food and secondly, it helps us in making a right and better choices with regards to what we put on our plate.

When you grow food – considering the efforts that you put in growing them and getting it on your table – you savour the food more!

The health benefits of growing your own food and vegetables
Growing food is quite simple and anyone can easily learn the ways in which they can not only grow a variety of food and vegetables but can also have many health benefits attached to them. These health benefits may include the following;

  • Growing your own food and vegetables gives you a golden chance to eat only the fresh vegetables and fruits
  • As you grow your own food, you are aware of all the pesticides and fertilisers that come in contact with the food and only you decide if you wish to grow organic.
  • Nothing beats fresh vegetables and fruits; they are full of nutrients and essentials instead of the ones that have been picked earlier and being sold later at stores.
  • The health payback of gardening is not only up to fresh fruits and vegetables, tending your backyard helps your intake directly of vitamin D from the sunlight. That is, only 30 minutes of gardening, can promote sleep and positive energy.
  • It’s a great way of having physical activity. Planting, watering, weeding and harvesting include purposeful physical activity to our day. It also helps in relaxing, refreshing your mind, de-stressing and getting fresh air.
  • The fruits and vegetables that are grown in the backyard and eaten fresh is an excellent source of photochemical, vitamin C, antioxidant, folate and vitamin A content.
  • With the growing contamination in the marketplace, you get the sense of food safety. When everyone avoids buying a vegetable or fruit due to contamination issues, you know that your food is fresh and free from all the contamination that would occur at the farm, the transportation or even at the manufacturing stage.

By growing your own food, you are not only eating extremely healthy food but you can also support the environment in a lot more ways than you may think.

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