Food shopping in the Summer months

Food shopping in the Summer months

Are you struggling to cope with the intense heat in the summer? Your food is probably in the same boat. Many of us buy a weeks’ worth of shopping when we go to the supermarket and this typically causes a lot of problems with preserving food.

If you are trying to keep your household well stocked and managed, it’s going to be important to consider how to keep foods fresh.

The excess heat in the air means that foods will go off quicker – many foods like meats will probably go off before their end of date due to the heat. It also means that you have to watch out for excess wastage as the heat can ruin what would normally be a fairly safe to eat meal.

So, what can you do to keep yourself free of these dangers?

Avoid Re-Chilling & Re-Heating

In the summer it can be hard to get your food at a consistent temperature. What you should not do, though, is keep taking the food in and out of the fridge. Don’t let it cool then, down heat it back up, then chill it again. This is bad for food at any particular point in the year but in the summer it’s even worse.

This is more or less a dead-cert to give you some form of food poisoning, so it helps to keep an eye on these things. Don’t let your food sit in and out of the cool area – if it’s meant to be chilled then keep it chilled take your freezer bag shopping with you and pack all chilled food into it.

The temperature changes in a summer are too much and can turn food leave a horrible smell in the fridge, and make you feel ill if you eat it. If you want to avoid these problems, then make sure that you keep all of your food in a chill bag if possible – this avoids temperatures changing radically especially if off for a picnic.

Avoid Micro Activity

This is a very important element of food shopping in the summer. You want to be able to buy foods that aren’t going to be a problem for you in terms of heat causing them to go off. For example avoid buying food that tends to be quite heavy in microbiology – for example, dairy products. Dairy products in the sun can be a major headache and leave a ghastly smell around the house.

Buy Short

Don’t buy the full weeks’ worth – the weather is nice anyway, so two trips to the supermarket in a week isn’t the worst thing in the world. What you can do is turn around and buy shorter amounts so that you can be sure it won’t be put off by the sun.

Don’t buy anything you ‘might’ use in the summer – the chances are the acceleration will make sure you don’t get around to it. Keep it simple and food shopping in the summer can become a whole lot easier to manage.

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